Bullying From A-Z- Today’s words are: Abuse, Abusive, Acknowledge, Acting out, Affect, Afraid, Anxiety, and Attitude

No More Bullying-Stand Up- Speak Out

No More Bullying-Stand Up- Speak Out

*****This subject is a tough subject because bullying is a result of different reasons, and I will get into that later. So I want to say read this if you would like to, and comments are welcome on this subject. Also, I am basing this from my experience as a child. So I do have knowledge of how bullying can effect a person or child for that matter. I was a target of bullying and it was no fun, your attitude changes, you become withdrawn from everyone around you. Your afraid to do or say anything to anyone,or do anything that might get me in trouble for that matter. I was the main target at home because I was the oldest and supposed to know better. I had no friends at all. I was a loner all my life. This is like the hardest thing to talk about to. I always stayed in my room because I felt like I was not wanted or part of a family at all. So as far as bullying goes,you could be bullied by family members, people in general, kids at school, and more… People and children have to acknowledge that what they are doing is hurting the person or child that they are bullying, and that bullying is abusive and will cause a person or child to act out, and anxiety to . Bullying is a control issue, because when a person, or child bullies another person it’s because they feel that it’s the only way to get what they want, and feel in control at the same time.. For example taking lunch or money from the children, picking on them because they are different, calling them names, and more. Like I said there are many ways that a person or child whose bullied. The worst part of all this is: when an adult does it, because adults know better, and the children learn from their behavior, and if the children see the adults bullying, then they will get the idea that it’s OK to do the same thing. Also another example is adults who look at the mentally challenged people differently, and they aren’t different. Think about this when you look at a handicapped person/child you are actually looking into a mirror of yourself because that could be you. These children did not ask too be born with disabilities, so why would you look and treat them any different then if they had a normal life. Here is an example, I met a man, who I thought had an injured leg, but to my surprise he was born with Cerebral Palsy, and he is working at a bar as a bartender. So here is where the word A??ume comes in,which means don’t assume you know, ask first. Disabled children work at McDonald’s to, I’ve also seen people in wheelchairs working jobs to. So next time you decide to look and treat handicapped people differently, take a good look in the mirror, and thank god it’s not you or your children. People need to grow up and stop being so judgmental towards other people. We need to stop the bullying, to many children and adults commit suicide and we need to get a handle on it. So on that note I will leave you with the first segment on Bullying from A-Z. See you soon for the next segment of this blog.

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