My First Poem- Ode To Christmas

Ode To Christmas

I wish… I wish, Christmas
I wish that Christmas could be like the Christmas cartoons,
with the beautiful sparkling snow and moon. The animals
are running freely and leaving little pitter patters of feet
in the snow. The birds are chirping away so happily
as they flutter through the snow, playing with the chipmunks
and deer. I sit and watch, as if they have not a care
in the world, just free to play and scurry around
wherever they want.
I wish… I wish Christmas was!
I wish Christmas could be like the Christmas movies,
where the snow falls so perfectly
as each snowflake hits the ground and lands on the trees.
The icicles hanging from the limbs — branches,and the roofs
of the houses;they look like crystals glowing in the sun.
The houses so beautifully decorated with Christmas lights
and decorations. As everyone sits around the fireplace,
drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows,
while opening their gifts.
I learned that “Christmas is not what is; it’s what it’s about.”
I remember being in Vermont;
as I was sitting in the restaurant, the view of the forest
was covered with beautiful, pure white snow,
as I sit and watch the squirrels, blue jays and cardinals in
the snow scattering around, thinking how free they must feel
out there. I wish… I wish Christmas


Now this poem actually came to me in my dream, and I woke up to write it down, so that I wouldn’t forget it. Don’t laugh, dreams do tell you things if you pay attention to them. Also, this poem was published in a book, through a contest. I’ll write the book info in later OK. I did say I was going to bed. Please note: you may share my poems with anyone you would like. All poems are copyright, and written by me.

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